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      NK Mechanical Works

      NK Mechanical Works

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      What is Mechanical Works?

      Mechanical works have various types with some of them being – Electrical works such as Aircraft warning lights repair or replacement and other general mechanical works in certain highly risky and dangerous locations. Our staffs are well trained to undertake such highly specialized and risky jobs giving prime importance to safety level of workers as well of people around the location.

      Why NK for Mechanical Works

      As NK technique is widely accepted mean of reaching to the peaks of high-rise buildings or other dangerous elevated places to perform repair or maintenance works, our technicians and engineers are quite savvy in using the technology while following all necessary safety standards and practices.

      Since heavy machines such as motors, generators and other mechanical parts are sometimes placed in highly inaccessible places, our qualified and well trained personnel, not only help to reach the heavy machinery and spare parts to those areas, they also undertake repair or maintenance works also.

      NK is a pioneer service provider in all kinds of mechanical works which involve scaling to the dangerous peaks and difficult terrain and perform repair and maintenance works in and across Uganda. We are specialized in using the most advanced, internationally used and safest ‘Rope Access’ technique to undertake all our project works at various altitudes.

      Why NK Clean Services for Mechanical Works

      NK in Uganda is also credited with having unmatchable record of completing rope access mechanical works within the agreed timeframe. We also ensure that during our entire work process, the normal life of the surrounding people and also the incumbents of the buildings are not affected. Our works are environment-friendly as care is exercised while performing high-altitude mechanical works to produce less noise and air pollution.

      Besides, we provide cost-effective, sustainable and high-quality rope access services . to our clients in Uganda. Apart from providing all sorts of mechanical works, NK Clean Services also undertakes other maintenance and cleaning works on high-rise buildings such as washing the exteriors, glass panes, tiles and facades.

      Our top notch service staff and highly advanced work accessories will help you to complete any kind of mechanical works at any altitude safety, timely and cost-effectively.