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      Eco- Friendly and Green Cleaning Services in Kampala

      Eco- Friendly and Green Cleaning Services in Kampala

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      Green Office Cleaning Services in Kampala

      Are you looking at ways for your office to become more sustainable? Switching to green office cleaning services with a reputable and reliable office cleaning company is an easy change to make for the benefit of people and the planet – with little to no increase in cost. 

      Green office cleaning services is an option we offer and is available to any business looking for daily office cleaning in Kampala, Entebbe and Mukono. 

      Our environmental standards have earned us our ISO 14001:2015 certification – which contribute to the UN  Sustainable Development Goals.

      We employ sustainable practices across all of our clients’ offices in Kampala – but when you opt for green office cleaning services, we have two options for product ranges that we would use. 

      • Standard: Available at no additional cost as part of daily office cleaning
      • Premium: Available for a small additional cost on top of daily office cleaning 

      These products carry the WEIR Green Tick for their environmental impact rating. 

      Interested in green office cleaning services for your office in Kampala, Entebbe or Mukono? Ask for a free quote today. 

      Join hundreds of brands and organisations across Kampala, Entebbe and Mukono who work with NK Office Cleaning Services to deliver reliable daily office cleaning.

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        Eco-friendly products used for green office cleaning

        The products offered in our green office cleaning services package are from Ecover and EvansVandoine and carry a WEIR Green Tick for their environmental impact rating. 

        These products are excellent for producing quality office cleaning results whilst minimising environmental impact. You’ll often find with these products, without harsh chemicals, leave a gentler odor which will be more pleasant for staff.

        Our company and green office cleaning practices

        NK Office Cleaning Services has achieved ISO 14001:2015 certification for environmental standards. 

        ISO 14001:2015 is the most recognised and respected framework for organisations to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals by improving practices and maintaining rigorous standards. (Our two main suppliers of cleaning products are also both ISO 14001:2015 certified.)

        We have put in place a wide variety of practices to minimise our impact on the planet. Some are as simple as using recyclable plastic trigger sprays rather than harmful aerosols. We will also provide paper consumables which can be recycled for areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. 

        We also help our daily office cleaning clients recycle as much as possible and dispose of waste responsibly such as food waste, cardboard, plastic and glass in different containers as agreed.

        We also work with partners to help offices across Kampala improve sustainable environmental practices – including First Mile, who make sure that the majority of your waste (even non-recyclable) is responsibly processed. First Mile will collect your waste and produce a detailed data report on your waste and carbon footprint.  

        95% of our cleaners use public transport to get to their allocated offices and we’ll always try to assign cleaners to contracts that are close to the area they live, cutting down on travel and minimising environmental impact. 

        Our employees and sales team take public transport at every opportunity they can but also have access to environmentally-friendly cars.

        We have recently pledged that for every new client we partner with, we’ll plant up to 100 trees through The Woodland Trust™.

        Are you looking to minimise your environmental impact and improve sustainability with green office cleaning services?

        Get in touch to arrange a site-visit and a free quotation. Call us today on 0756 568 928 (Kampala) or 0777 404 287 (Entebbe and Mukono).

        Our Green Office Cleaning Services Include:

        • Green office cleaning services in Kampala, Entebbe and Mukono 
        • Two options for green office cleaning products: Standard and Premium 
        • Switch to green office cleaning services at little to no additional cost
        • We will plant up to 100 trees through The Woodlands Trust™ for every new client
        • ISO 14001:2015 certified for environmental standards and best practices
        • For Kampala clients, First Mile black sacks offered to monitor waste and carbon footprint

        ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015 & 45001:2015 Certified

        We are ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and 45001:2015 certified for our quality management and environmental systems. NK Office Cleaning Services provides full COSHH documentation in accordance with Health and Safety legislation and risk assessments are carried out for each site.